About Us

We made Userpace to connect Businesses and their Customers in a smart collaborative process.

Measure business strategy, performance and development.
All-in-one tool.

Our mission

Improve your business performance via smart customer collaboration.

Our solutions let you drive your product evolution with intelligent customer feedback. With a single platform, you can evaluate your product success, measure your business strategy and performance as well as identifying your next product development priorities.

Build a customer-driven product roadmap, in all confidence. Get open, honest insights on your product performance, without the marketing headache. Engage your customers in a smart feedback process. Imagine your next features with customer-driven insights via private 1-to-1 conversations.

Get to know your product through your user's eyes. Improve what's needed, when needed. Build loyalty and engage ambassadors thanks to customers valuable feedback.

Leadership Team

Wilfried Durand


Ilko Kacharov


Kristian Kolev

Lead design

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