User Feedback Widget API

Set your custom triggers to play with the widget.

What is the widget API?

Userpace's widget API will allow you to manipulate the widget directly from your code.

Example: you can collect feedback on a specific feature in your web-app.
You can build your own button in your interface which will trigger the widget and open the feedback form.


Simply call our pre-built Javascript functions:

Opens the widget on the home screen. If the widget has been used before on the same page, the last screen will be shown. action, object options)

Opens the widget and loads a screen based on a list of available actions & options.


  • home: home screen
  • newNps: NPS form
  • newFeedback: feedback form
  • listFeedbacks: feedback list
  • listIdeas: ideas list


  • header: show / hide the header inside the widget (boolean)

Example'newNps', { header: false })


Closes the widget.