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Feedback management + NPS Survey Feedback management NPS Survey


$ 55 /mo

150 Tracked users ?

+ $15 / additional 100 tracked users

300 NPS responses

+ $4 / additional 100 NPS responses

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$ 239 /mo

1,000 Tracked users ?

+ $35 / additional 1,000 tracked users

2,000 NPS responses

+ $9 / additional 1,000 NPS responses

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$ 599 /mo

10,000 Tracked users ?

+ $189 / additional 10,000 tracked users

20,000 NPS responses

+ $59 / additional 10,000 NPS responses

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3,000 Active users

~ 150 Tracked users

~ 300 NPS responses


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tracked user?

A tracked user is a customer who either provides feedback, votes for an idea or provides NPS ratings. We estimated that 5% of all active users are likely to share their feedback and 10% are likely to give you a NPS score.

Do you offer a free plan?

We do not provide a free subscription at the moment. You are welcome to try our service free of charge for 30 days. If you decide you can upgrade to our paid plans later.

How do I partner with Userpace?

We have a number of ways we can work together. Feel free to contact us so we can establish a tailored offer.

Do you offer discounts for early-stage startups or NGO?

Yes on both fronts! Eligible startups can apply to join our growth program. Documented NGO can contact us to receive a 20% discount after sign-up.