User Feedback Widget Installation

Get ready to collect feedback within 5 minutes.

Getting started

Start collecting feedback & engaging your users quickly, thanks to our Javascript embed code.
Insert the script below before the closing </body> of your web-app pages.

Minimal configuration

In order to display the widget, you need to insert this code:

<script type="text/javascript">
  userpace = [];
  userpaceSettings = {
    site_id: 'SITE_ID',
    user_id: 123,
    email: 'email@domain.tld',


site_id string required
display options
trigger boolean show / hide widget's trigger button
Note: if you hide the trigger, we can automatically fill the element #userpaceUnreadCount with the live unread notification count for the end-user
theme string possible values: 'default', 'side' optional
position string switch between right and left position optional
offset number distance between widget's trigger button and window borders optional
generic user data
user_id number required
email string required
email_verified boolean optional
gender string optional
locale string optional
given_name string optional
family_name string optional
name string optional
nickname string optional
picture string optional
created_at number optional
custom user data
userdata json optional